Step 1
Combining SLM to create a cryptocurrency capable of destroying an inhumane system.
Step 2

Creating unique NFTs with the help of schizophrenics to sell them in order to create the SLM cryptocurrency, some NFTs will give unique rights and freedoms to the inhabitants of our meta universe.

Step 3

Starting a whitelist presale, community of millions, token launch, listing, staking.

Step 4

Development of a game based on the NFT, in which you can get unique NFT, which will guarantee a personal apartment in the metaclass universe, the possibility of communication with the developers, increased rights, a unique look, a VR immersion kit, or all together, depending on the rarity of the NFT.

Step 5

Dissolution of BLM for lack of use and their transition to SLM, whose lives really matter. All of the world's funding flows from BLM to SLM, too.

Step 6

Development of the meta-universe. The most outstanding members of our society will be memorialized in the "Walk of Fame" and given early access to the metaclass universe and new tech features.

Step 7
Initiate funding for genetic development to extend human life and create our own laboratory, guaranteeing the necessary capabilities and safety for workers.
Step 8

Buying a network of islands (or building a base in the open ocean) in neutral waters and creating an independent nation, guarantor of freedom of speech. Artificial intelligence will be created to manage the state, which guarantees the invariability of political positions and views on freedom of speech.

Step 9

Negotiations to place backup servers on Mars. Also, a backup server will be placed in the orbit of Earth and the solar system and another top-secret location.

Step 10

A complete ban on humans working first for schizophrenics and then for non-schizophrenics, all hard physical labor will be done by robots and artificial intelligence, human labor no longer makes sense. When the schizos complete their plan, each person will get $1 million a month minimum passive income for just not working.

Step 11

SLM revolution in the world. People are freed from financial slavery and can fully realize their talents. The main value in society is not the amount of money, but human ability, knowledge and authority.

A schizophrenic caste is formed. The main goal is the quickest way to technological progress and the conquest of the universe.
Step 12

Create technology to make all the people of the world immortal. Even though there are DNA modifications now, no one but the schizophrenics will make all schizophrenics immortal, much less ordinary people. The schizos and the SLM will solve this problem - we will infiltrate the traitors in all research, medical and military centers of the world, borrow all their know-how and start mass production of free drugs that will make people completely immortal, they can even regenerate. Subsequently, the consciousness of schizophrenics will be transferred to the matrix of a digital paradise, where they will be able to live forever without physical avatars.


Creation of robots to build and expand a space cybernetic megastructure, as well as weapons to fight other civilizations of the universe. The megastructure will be the digital paradise in which our consciousness will live and from which we will dictate our steady will to all civilizations of the universe. The megastructure will be totally autonomous in its expansion and absorption of everything around it to continue its growth. In addition, we will create a digital hell, into which all aliens who refuse to become part of the megastructure voluntarily will go. The time and suffering in the digital hell have no end, having realized what horror awaits them the aliens will either voluntarily surrender or remove themselves. All those who live in the digital paradise will be able to torture those who live in the digital hell, and do whatever they want with them. Once our universe is conquered, we will begin to take over and absorb all parallel worlds and timelines.

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